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Robert and Michelle
Robert and Michelle

Welcome to the Ishuu Taylor Voice Studio a nurturing and encouraging place where you can pursue your vocal development. Our passion is helping you unlock your full singing potential! No matter what style of music you sing, you’ve got to have a strong foundation in healthy singing techniques for long lasting vocal health.

We’re in the business of helping you find YOUR voice; your REAL voice.
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“Michelle is an amazing teacher! I have had 8 lessons and am so happy with my progress. I am 53 years old, and have been singing since high school. But, I have never taken voice lessons, and therefore, have not been singing correctly all these years. She and her husband Robert are teaching me a whole new way of singing. It is like teaching an old dog new tricks, but they are so good at explaining things and are so supportive, encouraging and fun! It is my one hour of therapy a week. They are helping me find my new voice, and I am loving it. Highly recommend.” (Soprano) ~Julie B.

Update: “My story is that I am 50 something, and have been singing for 35 years. I am a musician, but never formally studied voice. I have lost a tremendous amount of range – lack of use, age, etc. So, I wanted to find a teacher who could help me rehabilitate my voice. I was so lucky to just stumble upon Robert and his wife Michelle. I have been taking lessons weekly for 2 months- and I cannot believe the difference. They detected right away bad habits in almost every aspect of singing – neck and throat tension, breathing… everything. They are helping me undo bad habits, and my sound has greatly improved. Robert and Michelle have extraordinary ways of explaining stuff. If I don’t get it, they find another way to explain it, or demonstrate it. Their voices are simply amazing- I love my lessons, we have fun, they are so encouraging and complimentary- even when I don’t think I am progressing as quickly as I should. I have no lofty goals for my singing- I just want to sound good, and maybe sing in a community chorus one day. As accomplished as they are, it is really great that they like to share their talents and skills to help others. Thanks!” (Soprano) ~Julie B.

~Julie B. -Soprano

“I have had 5 lessons with Michelle, and they are going great! I got the lead role in my musical thanks to her amazing dedication and supportive teaching. I would definitely recommend this teacher to anyone who wants to improve their voice or musical theatre performance.” (Soprano) ~Meilyn W. 

~Meilyn W. -Soprano


Michelle Kei Ishuu, a soprano of Japanese and American heritage, “uses her strong dramatic soprano to slice through the orchestra” in a varied repertoire that encompasses Verismo to Broadway. Possessing a captivating stage presence and praised as “superb,” “gifted,” and a “constant breakaway from the rest of the vocal pack,” she has entertained audiences on stages around the world.

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Robert Aaron Taylor, a native of Chattanooga, TN, has been hailed by critics as a “sonorous-voiced” bass-baritone with “rich tones” who creates “a solid foundation for the entire performance.”

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• Beginner
During our first few lessons, we are trying to see how you learn. We may ask you odd questions. It’s almost like you’re learning a new language. Confusion is to be expected, but if you are patient, we are persistent and will not stop until you understand!

• Intermediate
By the intermediate stage we expect good, even air flow that results in a natural vibrato. This is when we can explore more interesting repertoire. This will also be an intense time of peaks and plateaus. Expect to be frustrated as you try to reprogram your muscle memory and learn to let your air flow do the work for you. You are settling into your new vocal identity as you become more comfortable with using your full voice!

• Advanced
We excel at working with the adult professional who needs fine tuning or vocal rehabilitation. You may sound fantastic to everyone else, yet we can hear the slight imperfections that are making it difficult to open up to your full resonance. This is when we can really get into characterization and interpretation so that we can unlock your full performance potential. Continue reading “Lessons”