About Us

Robert and Michelle
Robert and Michelle

Welcome to the Ishuu Taylor Voice Studio a nurturing and encouraging place where you can pursue your vocal development. Our passion is helping you unlock your full singing potential! No matter what style of music you sing, you’ve got to have a strong foundation in healthy singing techniques for long lasting vocal health.

We’re in the business of helping you find YOUR voice; your REAL voice.

We realize that each of our students is unique. Part of the fun is exploring the various ways that our students learn. Singing is a sensory experience, so we have to develop a common language to describe the sensations of resonance and breath support.

We focus on a classical style of singing from the Italian school. With this as the foundation, we then explore the similarities in sensation between genres for singers who choose to venture outside the classical arena.

Michelle Kei Ishuu

Our students usually progress very quickly. It’s such a pleasure and a privilege to witness our students’ vocal development, but the real pleasure comes from seeing improvement in their everyday poise and confidence. Our methods work! But the success you achieve is directly proportional to the quality and quantity of effort that you put into the process. It takes more than an hour per week to develop the muscle memory for a bullet-proof technique.

Robert A. Taylor
Robert Aaron Taylor

To put it simply, the goal of learning to be a better performer is to perform better. We can give you the opportunity to reach that goal! Through our partnership with Southminster Presbyterian Church, we can offer you the added benefit of a supportive space to try out your new skills. When you’re performance-ready, you can perform for a live audience in one of our scheduled recitals or even as a special musical guest for one of Southminster’s regular church services.