• Beginner
During our first few lessons, we are trying to see how you learn. We may ask you odd questions. It’s almost like you’re learning a new language. Confusion is to be expected, but if you are patient, we are persistent and will not stop until you understand!

• Intermediate
By the intermediate stage we expect good, even air flow that results in a natural vibrato. This is when we can explore more interesting repertoire. This will also be an intense time of peaks and plateaus. Expect to be frustrated as you try to reprogram your muscle memory and learn to let your air flow do the work for you. You are settling into your new vocal identity as you become more comfortable with using your full voice!

• Advanced
We excel at working with the adult professional who needs fine tuning or vocal rehabilitation. You may sound fantastic to everyone else, yet we can hear the slight imperfections that are making it difficult to open up to your full resonance. This is when we can really get into characterization and interpretation so that we can unlock your full performance potential.


Price per hour $70
Price per ½ hour $35

Fees are due before the first lesson of every month and can be paid in cash or check, if in-person. For online lessons, payment is only accepted via Zelle, which is a free bank-transfer service available through most banking apps.  Payment can also be made by credit card for an additional fee of 3.5% per transaction. If you pay per lesson, please have your payment ready at the start of every lesson.


If you must cancel a lesson for any reason, you must do so at least 24 hours in advance or payment is due for the scheduled time. Please inform us of any absence as early as possible so that we can schedule someone else to fill that gap in our schedule.

This policy also applies to illness. Most of us know when we’re coming down with something. Please DO NOT share your disease with us and the rest of the studio and please don’t wait until the last minute to cancel.

If you do not cancel or forget to come to your lesson, you will be charged. Our time is precious, as is yours. However, exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis when life throws you a major curve ball.

If we must cancel your lesson for any reason, we will give you the choice to have a makeup lesson or give you credit towards a future lesson.


The safety and security of our students is always a top priority. For privacy purposes, we will not share our students’ personally identifiable information (such as full name, address, or images/videos) on this website or any social media without the consent of the adult student or parent/guardian of students under 18.

background-verified-largeFor all our prospective students, we have passed background screenings as preformed by a licensed consumer reporting agency.  The results are available for viewing upon request.