BRAVI!!! Three Songbirds Compete

CS CompetitionToday, three of our promising young singers embarked on the daunting task of competing in a national-level singing competition at the Classical Singer Convention in Chicago!! These young ladies stared fear right in the eye, but rather than backing down, they sang it a song… actually, 2 songs each!!!

Until you have participated in a competition of this level – the best singers from around the nation pitted against one another, walking the halls and hearing some unbelievable voices bleeding through from the room that you yourself will be entering soon – you just can’t understand the courage that these brave and talented young people exhibited today! Every single one of you are winners in our eyes and you should all be VERY PROUD of yourselves!!! We are absolutely BURSTING with PRIDE!!!

Thank you very much for all the hard work and dedication that you have shown in preparing for this day. You represented your studio honorably but, more importantly, you represented YOURSELVES spectacularly!

Bravi Tutti!

Congratulations to Angelica, Katie, and Meilyn!IMG_3209