Winter 2019 Studio Shout Outs

January 13th – Logan and Lia sang for the congregation during Sunday worship at Southminster Presbyterian Church. Your duet from Hansel and Gretel was beautifully sung (and maybe just a little bit charming for a brother and sister to sing). Logan’s performance of “The Master’s Voice” was well-sung and emotionally stirring. The congregation was very appreciative of the gift you both shared with them. Thank you!

January 25th – Logan, Lia, and Katie performed in the Schaumburg on Stage production of Grease. Lia and Katie shone in the ensemble, but Logan wowed the audience as ‘Doody’ with his extended version of “Those Magic Changes.” When you can fully commit to your character the way that you did, the audience gets sucked into it with you. Congratulations on a great show!

February 8th – Meilyn, Valerie, and Jamie performed in the UPS for DownS Theater Company production of Mary Poppins, Jr. Jamie was great in the ensemble. Valerie wore a couple of hats, including Chimney Sweep 4 and ensemble, but was most effective as the kindhearted John Northbrook (we heard every word perfectly, even though you didn’t have a microphone!). Meilyn was terrifying as the anti-heroine, Miss Andrew. We’re very proud of the work that you each put into this show! You were wonderful!

February 17th – Emma sang for the congregation during Sunday worship at Southminster Presbyterian Church. Your performance of Schubert’s Ave Maria displayed a level of polish and musicality beyond your years. The congregation was very impressed by your talent and appreciative of the gift that you shared with them. Thank you!

March 8th – Katie and Lia performed in the Elk Grove Park District production of Peter Pan, Jr. Katie was the comically evil Captain Hook – you sang the role with the elegance required for such a loquacious and self-important character. Lia performed as Mrs. Darling and the mermaid, Arista. We are very proud of all the hard work you did to prepare. Unfortunately, we didn’t see you perform the night we attended, due to illness. We did, however, get to see our other student, Josephine, step-in at the last minute as Mrs. Darling. You looked as if you had rehearsed it, even though we know that you didn’t. You did a great job!

On that note, I know we’ve talked about this before, but this is why personal preparation is so very important. You never know when you could be called on to step into a situation for which you have had ZERO rehearsal. However, if you’ve done your homework, you can still be ready to “save the day.”