Congratulations to our 2020 Competitors!

Spring and early Summer are the seasons for singing competitions. This year’s competitions were converted to online-only due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Three of our young ladies decided to rise to meet the challenge of this change in format and we really couldn’t be prouder of their results!

Chicago Chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing

The National Association of Teachers of Singing celebrates the art of singing through a series of competitions and programs that are designed to showcase the talented singers and performers who are soon to be rising stars in the profession.

Classical Division: HS Sophomore: Faith O.3rd PLACE WINNER!!!
“I Love All Graceful Things”
“Se tu m’ami”

Classical Division: HS Junior: Nicole R.
“I Love All Graceful Things”
“Star Vicino”

Musical Theatre Division: HS Junior: Faith R.
“Mister Snow” from Carousel
“Much More” from The Fantasticks

Musical Theatre Division: HS Sophomore: Faith O.
“How lovely to be a woman” from Bye, Bye, Birdie
“Vanilla Ice Cream” from She Loves Me


Classical Singer Competition

Classical Singer magazine began in 1988 as The New York Opera Newsletter. The CS Vocal Competition gives young singers the opportunity to be heard by and receive feedback from industry professionals.

Both of our competitors advanced to the second round of competition!!!

Classical High School Division: Faith O. – REGIONAL FINALIST!!!
“I Love All Graceful Things”
“Vedrai Carino” from Don Giovanni

Classical High School Division: Nicole R. – REGIONAL FINALIST!!!
“I Love All Graceful Things”
“Star Vicino”

Preparing for a live audition is different from preparing a recorded audition. A live audition is an intense few minutes of adrenaline-fueled performance with no second chances, but at least you know the results by the end of the day. An online audition is as many days and attempts as it takes to get a recording that you like well enough to upload for the judges to review, then wait up to a week to find out if you made it to the next round. If so, then you start the process again with your second round song selection.

These three young ladies rose to the challenge and handled what can be a frustrating and exhausting process with grace and aplomb.

Congratulations to Faith O., Nicole R. and Faith R.!