~Julie B. -Soprano

“Michelle is an amazing teacher! I have had 8 lessons and am so happy with my progress. I am 53 years old, and have been singing since high school. But, I have never taken voice lessons, and therefore, have not been singing correctly all these years. She and her husband Robert are teaching me a whole new way of singing. It is like teaching an old dog new tricks, but they are so good at explaining things and are so supportive, encouraging and fun! It is my one hour of therapy a week. They are helping me find my new voice, and I am loving it. Highly recommend.” (Soprano) ~Julie B.

Update: “My story is that I am 50 something, and have been singing for 35 years. I am a musician, but never formally studied voice. I have lost a tremendous amount of range – lack of use, age, etc. So, I wanted to find a teacher who could help me rehabilitate my voice. I was so lucky to just stumble upon Robert and his wife Michelle. I have been taking lessons weekly for 2 months- and I cannot believe the difference. They detected right away bad habits in almost every aspect of singing – neck and throat tension, breathing… everything. They are helping me undo bad habits, and my sound has greatly improved. Robert and Michelle have extraordinary ways of explaining stuff. If I don’t get it, they find another way to explain it, or demonstrate it. Their voices are simply amazing- I love my lessons, we have fun, they are so encouraging and complimentary- even when I don’t think I am progressing as quickly as I should. I have no lofty goals for my singing- I just want to sound good, and maybe sing in a community chorus one day. As accomplished as they are, it is really great that they like to share their talents and skills to help others. Thanks!” (Soprano) ~Julie B.