~Vikki S. -Soprano

“I am so excited about my voice lessons. I am a university trained classical singer with extensive operatic and art song experience who wanted to get back to singing after a long absence.  I was looking for a teacher that could help me to navigate the changes in my voice due to the aging process and provide me with the tools to steady a vibrato that had gotten out of hand.  Michelle and Robert are exactly what I needed.  They have extensive and commanding knowledge of the voice and support mechanism and teach from the Italian “Bel Canto School” perspective. That is to say pure vowels, open throated but focused sound and a healthy, low laryngeal position.  I am loving my voice again and it has only been 3 lessons.  They are exceptional at finding the beauty in the individual voice and not requiring a “carbon copy” sound.  One of the best things about my lessons is that they complement each other as teachers and find a number of ways to facilitate a natural and beautiful sound by articulating suggestions in many and varied ways. If the student is unable to reproduce the desired outcome by one method, they will find another way to achieve it.  Not one minute of a lesson is wasted and each week brings quick and substantial progress.  It has been a joy to work with them and I look forward to each lesson and the progress they bring.  In short, I am thrilled.” (Soprano) ~Vikki S.